Sunday, November 1, 2009

Reformation Day 2009

sickness moved out of our house just in time to celebrate Reformation Day 2009!

what is Reformation Day? check out the definition here on my post this time last year.

our celebration began on friday with a class party at burrito's school. the kids may dress up as an animal from God's creation or a Bible character. this year, the theme was noah's ark party. the kids decorated cross cookies with icing and candies. they also played noah's ark bingo. noodle and i watched and enjoyed our time in burrito's classroom. this year, burrito went dressed as a penguin!

on saturday we were able to continue our annual trick-or-treating tradition with our good friends from church. burrito and noodle were football players and our friends were snoopy and woodstock. lots of fun was had and lots of candy was grabbed. seriously. lots.
this is their mean football face! aren't you scared?!?!?
little miss woodstock. don't you just love that little yellow poof in her hair???
snoopy and the football players.
and of course, the big boys had to get in on the dress up action.

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