Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i need a discount, please.

okay, so let me start by saying i am blessed to be a stay at home mom. it is a blessing. i would not trade it for anything else in the world.

in fact, today i realized just what a blessing it is to serve my family daily. i was able to help both my husband and burrito while in school today...something i would not be able to do if i were working. i felt a little like superwoman! ;)

on my way to school to drop off and pick up burrito everyday, i pass a spa/manicure/pedicure place. i can count on one hand how many times i've been to such an establishment. i'm not super girly so i don't feel i am missing out too much, but there are days when a nice manicure and pedicure sounds better than chocolate.

and this particular establishment has a sign outside that says "20% discount for students and teachers." i was a student, and i remember how financially challenging that time can be. i am married to a teacher and believe me, i know they are underpaid. but every time i pass that sign, i wonder,

"why doesn't anyone ever offer a stay at home mom discount?"
seriously. now i realize in order to get the teacher or student discount, an i.d. is required. but i think i have sufficient identification....clothes that i've had since high school, a preschooler tagging close behind me and very little money in my wallet. if anyone needs a manicure or pedicure or any type of special treatment it's a stay at home mom!
so, may i have a discount please? anyone?
and all you stay at home moms reading this, are you with me? can you relate? wouldn't it be nice to get a discount?

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Jason and Kyla said...

Speak it sister. And there needs to be a playscape in the middle of the place so we don't have to wait until the perfect moment with discount and babysitting and just the right mood for someone to be scrubbing on your toes...