Wednesday, November 11, 2009

unexpected blessings

the weather here has been so beautiful lately. the boys and i have taken full advantage of it. yesterday we visited a park after school. the boys had a blast, and i love it when they can burn off some of their energy! ha!

last week we spent a lot of time outside in our front yard. the boys love to come home and put on their football uniforms and play football in the grass. their version of football mainly consists of falling down a lot in the grass. but they love it, and i think it is pretty funny to watch.

we live on a cul-de-sac so our street is pretty quiet. the only traffic we see are those that live on our street. we have several great neightbors, and we feel really blessed to live on such a friendly street. nonetheless, i was quite surprised when one of the ladies that lives across the street from us came walking over. she is very quiet and shy and approached me with some hesitation. she explained that she has grandkids who visit often and she was going through some toys they don't play with anymore and thought our boys might be interested in this:

it's this super fun inflatable tent! john could not get home soon enough to blow this thing up!

i think they love it! and check out that fun hair! it's been really fun to hear them retreat to the tent to read books or play games together in there. what an unexpected blessing!

and then the next day the same neighbor came walking over with 2 large garbage bags full of clothes and shoes. her daughter was planning on taking these things to goodwill but our neighbor stopped her because she wanted to bring them to us! and i'm not talking about worn out clothes and shoes...there were some very expensive athletic shoes that we would just never be able to afford. and my little fashionista boys thought they were in heaven!
praise the Lord for unexpected blessings! we are constantly amazed at how the Lord provides abundantly for us.

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Emily said...

We have two neighbors just like that. They have supplied Claire with almost her full wardrobe since she was one. And you are right, it is a HUGE blessing! At this age, the clothes are even more special because they came from her friends.