Monday, November 23, 2009

rutherford daily news

how many things can you fit into one weekend?

let's about

a birthday party for two little girls from church
a wedding
another birthday party for my sister
delivering a thanksgiving meal to a needy family
thanksgiving service at church
reception for a couple in our church

we were so busy i did not have the time to even snap a few pictures! it was busy but fun.

john has inservice at school today but then we all have the entire week off to spend with each other. i am completely excited about this!

our cougar football team won their playoff game saturday night. they have another playoff game this weekend and if they win that one, it's on to the finals! can you say rutherford roadtrip?!?!?

i am debating on when exactly to bring out the christmas decorations. we are ones that adamantly insist on waiting until after thanksgiving, but i might make a little exception this year. don't tell anyone, okay? ;)

i am thrilled to have both boys with me all week long. we have lots of baking and crafting and decorating to do.

so that's the rutherford daily news. how do you plan on enjoying your thanksgiving break?

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