Monday, November 16, 2009

noodle sounds off

hi. my name is noodle. well, not really, but you probably already know that if you read my mom's blog.

we were so excited last week....see???? why, you ask?

because the weather was absolutely beautiful, and it was a perfect day to go to the zoo!

first up are the monkeys. and they put on a good show that day. did you know that monkeys like mustard? we saw them eat that along with some veggies.

and we thought it was so funny to see the elephant taking a shower. we've never seen that before, and we've been to the zoo a million times!

even the white tiger was willing to cooperate for a picture that day!

and we learned that no two zebras have the same exact stripes.

my mom thinks this picture is funny because it looks like i have a mane like the lion's too!

we even stopped in to buy a seed stick to feed the birds. they were really hungry!

we finished our trip with a ride on the train. we could not believe we were the only ones riding that day!

and i was excited to sit in the very first seat, which is why i am holding up one finger. we're first!

it was a bittersweet trip for my mom though because her little boys are not so little anymore. there won't be many more trips like this to the zoo because burrito is in school, and i will be in school next year.
but we had a great time and treasured every second.
thanks for letting me try out the blog.