Wednesday, February 3, 2010

because if i don't laugh i might cry

so i'm having a "woe is me" kind of day. the clouds and rain outside are not helping.

why am i reveling in woe? the past 2 weeks have included a trip to the ER, an unexpected surgery, a slow recovery, both boys with strep throat, burrito sick with vomiting and now burrito is sick AGAIN with a virus.

just when i thought i was actually going to get out of the house and go to bible study, burrito woke up with a 103 degree fever. i was convinced that the strep was back, that maybe the antibiotic didn't kick it, but i was wrong. we went to the pediatrician this morning and the strep test came back negative, so we are assuming it's viral.

i just wanted to crawl back into bed in the fetal position.

in my head i know that this is just a tough season of life. i know that with young kids there will be numerous illnesses as they build their immunity. i know that in a few weeks all of this will be a distant memory, but right now it is so hard.

being home not feeling 100% coupled with the responsibility of caring for young, sick children for days on end is enough to make me certifiably insane. then add to that all the medical bills that have started rolling in, the piles of mail and other papers to go through, and the daily chores that go along with running a household, i just feel plain overwhelmed.

but to be honest, that's a good place for me to be.

because when i feel overwhelmed, it is then that i lean even closer to Christ. i feel like my soul just needs to drink in the promises of Scripture during these times. how do people survive without Him?

i have my follow up appointment with the obgyn/surgeon tomorrow. i am hoping to find out the results of the pathology of the cyst. i'll post another update tomorrow.

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