Saturday, February 13, 2010

boys basketball playoff game

while we didn't have school yesterday thanks to our 12 INCHES OF SNOW, we did venture out last night to watch our CCA boys play in a basketball playoff game against midland classical school.  we took uncle daniel with us after eating some pizza that he brought over for dinner.  we got there a little early to get our favorite seats.  here's noodle watching the game and eating some popcorn.

here's the fake smile and "i'm too busy watching other people to actually look at the camera" look from burrito.

and of course at some point in the game the boys have to pretend to be playing a basketball game of their own, complete with body contact and obnoxiousness.  the people around us think it's hysterical.

and then there's noodle's love affair with the cheerleaders.  you can't see them in this picture but they're on the right side of the court here and i'm pretty sure he's mimicking whatever moves they're doing.  oh dear!

but fortunately his real love affair is with basketball.  i think he's sinking a basketball with this move don't you?  notice his feet that aren't even on the floor!

the game was a bit of a nail biter.  the first half was close with our boys a little behind in the scoring, partly thanks to the bad calls of the refs.  but they came back in the second half and won by 10 points.  i don't know what i am going to do when my own two boys play competitively.  i get a little too into the game, and i get so stressed out, and these aren't even my own children playing yet!  john loves to make fun of me!

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