Monday, February 1, 2010

because there's never a dull moment around here

so i did make it to church yesterday morning. my ensemble consisted of my mom's workout pants, john's long sleeve shirt and my jacket. a true fashion statement. but i was so desperate to get out of the house, not to mention worship, that i just couldn't care how i looked.

worship was great but totally wiped me out. it's amazing how little energy one has after laying around for 2 weeks. i came home and slept all afternoon. i had great intentions of going to small group that night but it just didn't happen.

and sleeping all afternoon didn't exactly help me to fall asleep easily at bedtime last night. but that ended up being a good thing since burrito walked in around 11:30p and announced that he had just vomited in his bed. oh joy! and i was just talking to a friend about how much i despise vomit.

so then the stripping of the sheets, spraying of the lysol and getting everyone resettled ensued. by the time i returned to my bed, sleep was just a tease. it didn't help matters that i tried a new pain medicine concoction that i certainly won't be repeating. i was anxious and uncomfortable all night.

but praise the Lord, the vomiting has not returned and we're just hanging out together at the house today. and i keep reminding myself that while i don't enjoy vomit or recovering from abdominal surgery, it certainly could be worse.

and for a quick dose of humor, noodle explained to me earlier that he was going to be "really busy tonight so i needed to bring him his water" (instead of him getting it for himself, you know, because i am his personal waitress!). when i inquired as to what would be keeping him so busy, he replied matter-of-factly that "he would be busy working out with the wii tonight." the mental picture i have of him doing exercises makes me giggle!

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Jacquelyn said...

YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT EASY! Hard to do for you, I know. But, as a doctor explained to me, it takes several weeks to recover from invasive surgery. Take it slow, my friend.