Friday, February 12, 2010

before and after

so when i took this picture yesterday i was thrilled to see we had 6 inches of snow on the ground.  i don't remember ever seeing 6 inches of snow in texas.
you can imagine my delight when i measured 12 inches of snow this morning!  and i probably could have found some spots even deeper than that!  CRAZY!

and in case you missed this picture of our cute snowman from yesterday, here he was in all his freshly-built glory.

and this is our poor snowman this morning after all the snow.  there's just something hysterical to me about a snowman being buried in snow!
we were a little concerned about our trees with all the snow.  we have a HUGE live oak in both the front and backyard.  poor john was out every few hours yesterday and again this morning trying to knock some of the snow out of them.  they were getting so droopy we were afraid they would snap and break under the weight of the snow.  fortunately, we woke up this morning with no damage.  as i sit here and type this, i can see the snow falling out of the trees more and more.  the temperature must be rising a bit.

john had his turn with the boys in the snow this morning.  the boys didn't last too long out there.  living in texas, we just don't have the appropriate snow wear, and they were freezing once their clothes started getting a little wet.  nonetheless, it is quite a treat to experience this and marvel at the beauty.

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Emily said...

I am so jealous. We missed all of the snow here! I hope you are feeling better!