Tuesday, February 23, 2010

mini makeover

i almost feel like i'm pregnant again.

let me be clear...i'm NOT.  but i have this huge nesting feeling going on this week.  i think it's from being sick and recovering from surgery and then taking care of sick kids the past 4 weeks.  i just haven't been able to DO much lately.  or at least do things that i ENJOY doing.

and since i'm on a serious, "i'm in mucho medical debt" kind of budget, i've had to be a bit creative.  but being on a budget is no new thing around here, so you can imagine my excitement when i had the thought this week to make some cute cafe curtains for my kitchen sink window from dish towels and THEN to find the most amazing dish towels at target marked down 75%!  score!  the dish towels came in a 3 pack so i had to buy 2 sets but each set was only $2.48! 

so for $4.96 for the towels and $3.99 for the tension rod, i made these cute little curtains!

i thought the little yellow band at the bottom of the curtains worked perfectly with my little yellow checked picture.  those yellow checks are actually a piece of wallpaper that came from my grandmother's kitchen.  my parents live in their house now, and before they remodeled (i still don't why they didn't keep that wallpaper, ha, ha!), they saved a piece for my sentimental self.

so for about $9.00 (plus i have 4 other new dishtowels!) i bought myself some pretty cheap happiness this week!


Jacquelyn said...

I love cheap happiness!

Looking forward to seeing you and your men on Saturday.

Emily said...

Very creative! I'm impressed.

Jason and Kyla said...

This is so cute and creative!!

Colored With Memories said...

your cafe curtains are awesome! and i totally love that you have a framed piece of your gparents wallpaper. you are my kind of girl!

every time i walk the streets of our new hood, i think of you. you would be in mcm heaven over here! next time we have the kerrs over, we'll invite y'all as well!