Thursday, February 11, 2010

crazy snow!

this is the view down our street today.  it is quite remarkable. 

and here is the actual proof.  6 inches of snow at 3pm this afternoon and it is still snowing.  i think the last prediction i heard was 9 to 11 inches of snow when it's over.  i plan to take another measurement picture in the morning!  i'm pretty sure this will break some sort of snowfall record for our area.  i have never seen this much snow here before.

john and burrito had school today, but it has been canceled for tomorrow.  we are excited to have a jammie day at home.  of course, lately with all the sickies around here, that's nothing new!  but i am glad that john will get a chance to play with the boys in the snow tomorrow.

noodle and i built this snowman this morning.  we used our mr. potato head pieces for his face.  we can see him from the window in our dining room.  i think he's cute.

noodle enjoyed the taste of the snow.  i convinced the boys to catch it in their mouths rather than pick it up from the ground to eat.  this was no easy feat.  neither was convincing them not to spend the time to build a snowman, only to immediately knock it down.  boys!  all they want to do is destroy!
once burrito was home from school, he got in on the snowball fight action.  i tried to get both of them to bundle up but their idea of bundling up is putting on a jacket!

noodle was up for the challenge in round 2 of our snow adventures.  it looks like he got hit by a snowball in the head in this picture but i think it was just snow on his hat!
he's made quite an improvement in his attitude towards snow.  a couple of years ago it snowed a few inches and he was just 2 and didn't really understand the fun factor of snow.  he saw it as something weird he'd never seen before and was totally petrified.  it was seriously funny.  we would put him down in it and he would just stand there and refuse to move!  that was not the case today!
and here's my oldest angel making a snow angel.  he loved the snow so much he just couldn't help but run and fall all in it.

while typing this, the weather man came on during a commercial break and it looks like some areas are reporting 10 inches of snow now.  i am thankful that the boys have had the chance to experience something we rarely see here in texas.

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Colored With Memories said...

isn't it something! we love it too!!! love your idea for using the mr. potato head pieces for the snowman face...great idea. i might just steal it!