Wednesday, February 10, 2010

normal, i've missed you

i know what you're thinking...

"finally, a blog post about something other than jenn's health!"

let me assure you, i am just as excited. it seems that normal has once again returned to our home. well, mostly normal...noodle woke up with a tummy ache this morning (i think it might be a touch of the stomach bug going around), but as much as we've been sick lately, even that feels normal!

so here are some signs of normalcy. we were able to babysit our nephew, who we've decided to lovingly call porkchop here on the blog (in keeping with the foodie names, of course!) on friday night while his mom and dad went to see a movie. the boys are insanely obsessed with him. they were sure to commentate every single little move he made.

and in case you can't read what porkchop's little shirt says, i would not want you to miss this detail. it says, "my aunt rocks!" love it!

with all the craziness lately, i've neglected sharing with you some little treasures we've found in our thrifting outings lately. i found this book at half price books and LOVE it! the ranch house is the term that refers to a house built in the post-WWII era, typically in the 1950's -1960's. there is a ton of eye candy in this book and makes me long for my mid century ranch that someday we shall purchase and live in. every time i look at this book, i can't help but jump on the computer and check out the homes for sale in our area that were built in this time period.

the weekend before the torsed ovary hit, we found these plates (a set of 4) at an antique mall in denton. they are made by royal china and are called the star glow pattern. we like them because they match our atomic mid century china cabinet and hutch that i pictured here. the day before the torsed ovary craziness, i found a huge set of these dishes at a reasonable price about an hour away. some were still in the original boxes! the plan was for me to drive and pick them up the next day, but instead i had the privilege of driving to the e.r. they are no longer listed so i am sure another mid century lover picked them up. i was sad, but i'm happy with the 4 plates that we have for now. besides, now i have one more thing to add to my treasure hunting list!

i've had great luck finding vintage tupperware at our local goodwill lately. i am a sucker for vintage tupperware. so is my mom. it must be genetic. ha!
now if everyone could get well around here, i could go treasure hunting again!

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