Saturday, May 15, 2010

burrito's kindergarten program

this past thursday evening was burrito's end of the year kindergarten program.  we've been working for weeks on memorizing his speaking part and talking about being courageous and speaking in front of an audience.  each child had a speaking part in the program and they went through the letters of the alphabet to share some of what they've learned this year.  it was so sweet to hear each child speak about Jesus, recite Scripture and sing songs to God.  it made me realize the precious gift we have in Jesus and the gift of this opportunity to go to a school where Christ is interweaved into everything they learn.

burrito was the fourth child to speak and he incessantly talked about the cues the teachers would give to remind each child when it was their turn to speak.  here he is getting ready for his delivery.

and then the big moment came!  he was so excited to speak into a real microphone.  his lines were:

"a is for apples, we're the apple of God's eye, so was his servant johnny, who sowed his seeds and slept under the sky."

then they sang a johnny appleseed song.  i breathed a sigh of relief that he did not succumb to stage fright, spoke his lines clearly, and seemed to enjoy his moment in the spotlight.

all of the kids did really well and were eager to help each other out.  it made me wonder how many of these kids would end up graduating together as the class of 2022.

speaking of graduation, john graduates from the university of dallas in the morning with his masters of humanities degree.  we are excited to see him walk across that stage and receive his diploma.  it was a family effort so i think it's especially exciting for all of us to participate in celebrating his graduation.

summer is almost here and we can't wait!

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Colored With Memories said...

so fun! i am glad he did sooo well!