Saturday, May 29, 2010

senior dinner

last thursday night, john and i had the privilege of attending the CCA senior dinner.  this is a night in which the seniors are robed by a person of their choosing prior to graduation the following night.  this year's senior dinner was held at the fort worth club, and it was a lovely evening.  there was good food and good company.  it was truly touching to hear each senior's tribute to the person that they had chosen...some were friends, some parents, some relatives, some siblings, some pastors.

we were invited to this special occasion by one of john's students, andrew samples, affectionately known as "dewey."  dewey chose his well-deserved mother (also a CCA teacher) to robe him. 

this was especially poignant for me to watch as a mom of two sons.  what a sweet moment, and i couldn't help but fast forward 12 years and imagine what it will be like when my boys graduate.

dewey and his mom have special places in our hearts.  our boys love dewey and cheered him on at many basketball games.  in fact, they would often pretend to be dewey when playing basketball in the hallway of our home.  john particularly loved challenging dewey on the basketball court in a shootout and in the hallway as dewey and his buddies tried (unsuccessfully i might add) to wrestle john to the ground.  john and i both loved the fact that he taught seniors this year because of the unique relationships you make with students that age.  just love it!  and dewey was even sweet enough to forgive me for yelling (in the kindest way, of course) at him when he served as john's coach for the donkey basketball.  thanks for not taking me too seriously!

and dewey's mom debbie is super sweet and funny (and the coolest member of the moms of boys only club)!  she teaches logic school science and is the mom of three boys, dewey being the youngest.  debbie was super sweet to our family after my surprise surgery back in january.  she loved on our family with food and gifts, and we will be forever grateful to her for her kindness.

thanks debbie and dewey for letting us be a part of your special night!

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