Monday, May 10, 2010


after speaking with my husband regarding my previous blog post, we thought it would be wise to add a postscript.

you know, a p.s.......

p.s.  i love aprons.  my husband giving me an apron for mother's day is not/was not/will never be a sexist gift as far as i'm concerned.  i love aprons, i love most things associated with the 1950's and i know aprons are a thing of the past, and i love my role as wife and mother and cook and cleaner and to be able to don a rather cute and stylish apron while doing those things makes those things a little more enjoyable.

you should try it, really.

while this apron is not actually vintage (it came from world market by the way), it sure looks it and i couldn't be happier about it.  so while most women prefer jewelry, pedicures or perfume for mother's day, i prefer aprons.

just wanted to clear that up.

thanks :)

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Jason and Kyla said...

Oh I am TOTALLY on board with this! Makes our helper calling all the more fun to be doing it all dolled up in a cute apron. I say awesome gift guys!