Wednesday, May 26, 2010

our supermom

many of you may be wondering why our mom hasn't blogged in so long and while we thought it would be funny to tell you that we have her tied up and held for ransom, the truth is that she has been so busy being supermom, that she hasn't had time to blog.

what has our mom been doing?  don't worry...she has multiple blog posts coming and of course, lots of pictures!  that woman never tires of picture taking! 

she even made us pose at church on sunday so she could get a picture of us in our new church clothes.  we do agree with her that we are handsome but does she really have to take our picture all the time???

so consider yourself warned...there are about to be a lot of blog posts and pictures!!!

over and out,
burrito and noodle

1 comment:

Colored With Memories said...

great! can't wait to get caught up. it was so good to see you guys last weekend!!