Sunday, May 30, 2010

cca graduation

the final school event of the year was graduation, held last friday night.  john was so proud to be able to wear his hood this year as part of the graduation regalia, having completed his master's degree.  it's been fun to expose the boys to these ceremonies.  i have answered a lot of questions about robes, colors, hats, and the like!  i think it is great that they are able to see the fruits of years of hard work at such an early age.
dewey and john
conner and john
john and the boys
burrito and "his senior" elizabeth (also the salutatorian). you might remember me mentioning before that each grammar school class has a boy and girl senior assigned to it, and the seniors visit the class throughout the year.  the kindergarteners practically worship their seniors.  it's really cute.
burrito and "his senior" johnny.  burrito would not let us leave graduation without finding his seniors first for a picture.

one day way too soon these hats will be for real and my boys will be all grown up.  Lord help me appreciate each moment with my guys.

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