Sunday, May 16, 2010

john's graduation

it seems like a million years ago when john started work towards attaining his master's degree in humanities from the university of dallas.  burrito had just turned 3, noodle was 1.5 and we were living in our first house, about an hour from the university.  i wish i could say that i was a supportive and understanding wife when john first broached the subject of continuing his education.  i was not.  i was not happy that he was choosing to spend the whole month of july driving to dallas while i was at home with 2 young sons.  you know, during a month when he could be home all day with us, on summer break.  and to make matters worse, he had to do the same thing the next summer.  what was he thinking?!?!?

he was thinking about long-term advantages, and i could only see the present.  i am so glad that he's the head of our family, and i am not!  and being on the completed end of this adventure, i can look back and say that it wasn't that bad and went by relatively quickly.  and when i consider how he managed to work a full time teaching job (with a job change in the middle), take 6 hours a semester and do both of those without neglecting his family in the least bit, i am truly amazed.  my husband is a hard worker!

so today was especially sweet as we, as an entire family, realized the fruits of his labor.  it was such a proud moment for me to be able to see my husband take the stage to receive his degree.  we met and were married a few years after we finished college so this was the first time for me to see him graduate, and i especially loved that our boys were able to witness their father's achievement as well.

the graduation ceremony was outside in the mall of the university, in the shadow of this huge bell tower.
the weather ended up being beautiful and a little warm by the end of the ceremony.  we were fortunate enough to have the shade of a nearby tree.  i didn't get a picture of john walking across the stage (i chose to get video of that instead) but here is a picture of him proceeding out.
and here is the proud graduate.  he looks so distinguised!

and because this was truly a family affair, we took some family pictures too!

congratulations to my husband and best friend!  we are so proud of you!


Colored With Memories said...

so exciting! many congrats to the distinguished graduate!

Louanne said...

that's great!