Thursday, May 27, 2010

end of school celebrations

well, the end of our school year went out with a bang!  here are just a few things that went on during that time.

we celebrated burrito's friend kayla's birthday at my personal favorite place (insert sarcasm here), chuck e. cheese.  we just made an afternoon of it and ordered pizza for lunch just prior to the start of the party.  i think we were there for over 3 hours.  the boys had a blast!  noodle driving the monster truck was the funniest thing of all!
i have to admit their pizza is really good!
and poor chuck e. was just about mauled at the party.  no kids scared of big people dressed in costumes here!
and burrito's class celebrated the completion of kindergarten with a trip to my gym and then the park.  noodle and i joined him for the celebration.  after decorating those cute orange pails, the class presented his teacher with an autographed t-shirt and flowers.

sweet friends.

my little kindergarten graduate!
even though the party ended a bit early due to rain, i think everyone had a fabulous time celebrating the end of the school year together.  goodbye kindergarten, it was a great year!

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