Monday, May 31, 2010

summertime fun

let the good times roll!  summertime is here and we couldn't be happier!

we went to the park.  i was reading a magazine and when i looked up to check on the boys i couldn't see them.  i waited a few seconds to see if they would emerge from inside a slide or play structure.  when they did not, i started to get a little nervous.  but quickly i noticed a little head peak up above a nearby hill and when i went over to scold them for disappearing, i couldn't help but pull out the camera to capture what lured them away from the playground.

the joy of rolling down a hill!

subsequently, i won't mention all the little red hives over noodle's body after this personal meeting with nature.  i knew this would happen, but i just couldn't spoil their fun!

we resurrected the old slip 'n slide one hot afternoon.

and we even had an old fashioned water balloon fight. i was exempt for picture-taking purposes!  some might say how convenient but to those i say how smart!
the loot.
the fight.

so glad to be on summer break!

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