Monday, July 27, 2009

bouncing around

there are all sorts of thoughts bouncing around in my head tonight.

i love my life and my family but it's been a rough past few days. no one is content. everyone is grumpy. i am worn out.

i cut my finger slicing my new craving, avocados. the next day i didn't see someone in my blindspot and narrowly missed a collision. later that day i read in my parenting mag "if you're not getting enough sleep, you're more likely to cut yourself in the kitchen or have a car accident." no kidding. i would support their statistic.

i am praying for baby stellan and wondering if i would trust the Lord if my child's life were in danger.

i am contemplating what my calling as a stay at home mom looks like when both boys are in school full time. do i continue to stay home and live paycheck to paycheck, knowing that i am making a good sacrifice to serve my husband and children? or do i go back to work (and if so, what do i do now?) and bring home some extra cash but miss out on field trips, class parties, being betty crocker and having time to breathe?

maybe i just need to take a glimpse of these three musketeers and laugh! check out that golden yellow hair!

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Louanne said...

Ah, these are the hard thoughts. I hadn't seen the MckMama blog since she had the new baby. I had no idea. Wow!

And as you know I am blessed with both home/work. Working for the church running KHUSA is quite a blessing. I can work from home, once the school year gets up and running I have reasonable hours and so far am able to get everything done. Plus I get the summers off.

But I think you will have no shortage of things to do even when they are in school full time :)