Thursday, July 23, 2009

my burrito

Because I didn't know about blogs 5 years ago when Burrito was born, I don't have a fun place to go back and revisit pictures from his babyhood. Same goes for Noodle. So I thought it would be fun to do that now.

So for this post, here is a chronological account in pictures of Burrito's first year of life. I'll do the same thing for Noodle tomorrow.

Newborn April 2004
Look at all that brown hair that turned blonde eventually!
Everyone that saw him commented on his amount of hair.
1 Month May 2004
Zonked out on the couch but in control of the remote, just like a guy! :)

2 Months June 2004
Still lots of brown hair
3 Months July 2004
Tummy time!

4 Months August 2004
Going out for dinner....the first time to wear shoes!

5 Months September 2004
Happy with Mimi! Notice how is hair is getting lighter in color.

6 Months October 2004
Nakedness after a bath

7 Months November 2004
It actually snowed in Texas....first time for him to see snow!

8 Months December 2004

9 Months January 2005
Burrito army crawled...never ever crawled on all fours....and here he crawled right out of his pants!
10 Months February 2005
Dressed for church with Daddy

11 Months March 2005
Dressed up in Easter handsome! And the hair is blonde!

12 Months April 2005
Happy 1st Birthday Burrito! He loved his birthday cupcake!

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Jacquelyn said...

I love these posts of the boys. So cute. I miss every single one of the Rutherfords.