Wednesday, July 29, 2009

head trauma

we are laying low around the house today, due in part to what occurred yesterday around 10:55 in the morning.

our sweet noodle should perhaps be renamed knothead. there is just something about this child and his head. as a toddler we thought he would outgrow it. he would be walking, usually holding onto something in his hand, trip, and instead of dropping whatever random object is in his hand, he would hang onto it for dear life and crash his head into the floor.

i am not exaggerating. this takes special skill. i would think that your automatic response would be to save yourself from injury. apparently this is not so for him.

as a toddler it would be his sippy cup. we would be walking through the store and would inevitably hear the all to familiar "smack" of his body hitting the floor. but what would still be in his hand? that's right. the sippy cup. it was safe. his head, not so much.

so back to yesterday. i was in the laundry room with the washing machine and dryer running simultaneously. john was in the bathroom, having just finished a shower. i see burrito and noodle run around the dining room table and then head running to their rooms. and then i hear it. over the sound of both the washing machine and dryer. the "smack." i drop the laundry and go running. john wraps a towel around him and we meet in the hall to aide a screaming noodle.

he and burrito were running down the hall, noodle tripped and had an old cell phone in his hand. i didn't see it happen but i can guess what went down. not the cell phone. on the tile floor in our foyer.

i scoop him up and head to the couch to examine the damage. oh dear. there is a golf ball protruding from his forehead. i am not kidding. we immediately apply an ice pack and distract him with some t.v. and about 3 minutes later he is fine. his head....well, it was not so good.

i jumped online to refresh my memory about signs to watch for with head injuries. he exhibited none of them so i felt a little relieved. but his head....oh his was disturbing. i did not take a picture of it immediately after the hit because, well, that just seemed mean.

"hold on honey. can you stop crying just for a minute while i snap a picture of that huge deformity on your head? thanks."

no, i didn't do that. but i did take one 6 hours later and you can still see what i am talking about.

by this point the swelling had spread outwards instead of just straight out. we decided we needed to apply more ice and by bedtime it looked much better.

still, being the paranoid mother that i am, i did not sleep well last night, periodically checking in on him to make sure the swelling was going down and he was breathing normally.

it looks even better today, though he is going to have quite a multi-colored bruise there. so with not sleeping well and getting up early to check on him i decided to go the easy route this morning for breakfast. Definitely not a Mckmama approved breakfast! (if you don't know who mckmama is, please click on the link to pray for her son).

nothing like a little powdered donut lipstick first thing in the morning! even knothead, ahem, i mean noodle, would agree!


Colored With Memories said...

poor guy! you're a good mama getting up and checking in on him.

ah...get out the camera first's what every good blogger does! ha!

Jennifer Rutherford said...

I know it was terrible...terrible for him and terrible for this paranoid, anxious mama!