Wednesday, July 1, 2009

hanging out

i am typing this post from our local bounce house place. thank the LORD for free wi-fi! ha! the above pictures are from our backyard, not the bounce house place, as we tolerated the heat that day but have retreated from the heat this morning.
where did bounce houses come from? they did not have these when we were kids. i think the most exciting thing for me, and maybe the closest equivalent, was the ball pit at chuck e. cheese's. or as noodle calls it, chuck e. cheezits! :)
when i think about all the germs that must have been lurking inside those ball pits now as a germaphobe mother, my stomach does a flip. yuck! maybe a smart, germaphobe mother invented the bounce house as a healthier alternative. they've got to be a little easier to disinfect than a ball pit!
i am thankful for this bounce house place because i am freezing inside here while the temperatures outside rage close to 100 degrees yet another day. i love texas because of the warm weather and mild winters but it seems in my old age, i am tolerating the heat less and less.
all noodle and burrito want to do nowadays is swim and that leaves me one of two options: 1) get in the little blow up pool with them at my own risk of being maimed or splashed to death or 2) sweating to death in the heat while watching them play in a cool pool. neither are appealing. which is why i send john out in the afternoons with them. ha! one of the many, many reasons i love and appreciate my husband!

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