Friday, July 31, 2009


as i mentioned yesterday, we love to thrift shop. i think most women and a lot of men like to shop but in this economy, conventional shopping is not always wise. so we like to save money by looking for things at thrift stores. and it gives me my shopping fix! the boys love it because we say we are looking for treasures.

yesterday i found an orange bleacher seat to use at football games for $4. those bleachers are so uncomfortable, and our school colors are blue and orange so this was perfect. not to mention i am loving all things orange right now. i even found some orange tupperware that i love!

the boys bought a blue and orange volleyball for $2. they like to play basketball with a volleyball because it is lighter and softer and easier for them to shoot it up high into the basket.

and i am always on the hunt for mid century finds.
like this alarm clock by westclox. it is annoyingly loud as it keeps time and it is actually one you have to wind to keep the time which is also a little inconvenient but i could not resist those beautiful aqua numbers. so retro! love it and a steal at $5!

then we found this unusual barometer, temperature and humidity guage. it is made by airguide and definitely has a midcentury modern groove to it. we found it for $2.50.

this is a super neat chrome ball eames era floor lamp. a great example of mid century modern style and function. it is a three way lamp so one light comes on, two lights come on or all three come on. i found one of these for sale on ebay for $250! let's just say i paid no where near that!
so if you went thrifting, what would you be looking for?


Louanne said...

It's hard to say what I would look for now, but I do get in a searching mood at times. You got some awesome deals!

Jennifer Rutherford said...

Louanne, I know you are the queen of good deals! I've seen your posts on coupon-ing!