Friday, July 24, 2009

my noodle

And now for Noodle's turn. His first year in pictures.

Newborn October 2005
You forget how small and sweet they are! This is when we discovered he was allergic to milk.

1 Month November 2005
Bath time! We were getting all ready to go and host a baby shower for a friend!

2 Months December 2005
Propped up in the computer chair....definitely not sitting on his own yet...but he would be a fast one to learn!

3 Months January 2006
He totally wore himself out!

4 Months February 2006
Tummy time! His poor face was always scratched up because of his horrible eczema.

5 Months March 2006
Getting some Daddy love...

6 Months April 2006
Sitting more on his own here....after all, he is Superbaby!
7 Months May 2006
Check out the mohawk!
8 Months June 2006
Learning to crawl
9 Months July 2006
Swimming in our little turtle sandbox, um.....I mean swimming pool!
10 Months August 2006
Walking already! Trying to keep up with big brother.
11 Months September 2006
We love the fall when it gets a little cooler outside and we could go for walks in the wagon.
1 Year October 2006
Happy 1st Birthday Noodle!

And that concludes our blast from the past. Thanks for joining me down memory lane!

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Michael Breed said...

We enjoyed walking down memory lane. We love those two boys and you guys too!!

Michael & Kristi