Sunday, July 12, 2009

St. Louis Part 3 ~ The Magic House

On Friday, our last day in St. Louis we went to one of our favorite places to visit....The Magic House. This place is so fun for kids and adults too!

Here is our visit in pictures:
Burrito and Noodle trying out their auto mechanic skills

Fishing for little magnetic fish in the pond

Noodle serving ice cream to Nonna

Creative water play

Working in the grocery store
Experimenting with cannot really see it in the picture but Burrito and Noodle are inside a HUGE bubble!

Sliding down the 3 story slide

Burrito is Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk
Dress up time!

Noodle is writing is own fairy tale on the computer with help from Dad

Crawling through the mole tunnel

Working at the shoemaker shop

And now for the grand finale....this is the best and funniest thing in the whole museum! On the 3rd floor they have an electromagnet that makes your hair stand on end!

Don't you think I could start a new trend in fashion with that hair-do? Ha! So that concludes our fun adventure to St. Louis. After 12 more hours in the car yesterday, we are glad to be back home and are enjoying our day of rest today!

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Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

Hi, new to your blog. I think I found you through Colored With Memories. I remember going to the Magic House as a kid and want to take my kids there! Super fun and your pictures are great!