Monday, July 20, 2009

passions and interests

passions and interests....

isn't it interesting how some passions come and go through different seasons of life and how some stay with you throughout life?

burrito's current passion is all things cars/trucks/anything with 4 wheels. he would line his trucks up across the length of his room even as a toddler.

see? this is burrito at age 2. his resemblance to noodle shocked even me when i revisited this picture!

his other interests currently include legos, digging, and swimming.

noodle's current passion is all things sports/balls/games. he will play basketball all by himself without interruption for at least half an hour. i think that is quite remarkable for a 3 year old. and he's good. seriously.

his other interests currently include coloring, playing board or card games, or pretending he is a dog. don't ask.

john's passion is clearly books. he would prefer to do nothing else but read. and he has enough books to last a lifetime. no kidding.

his other interests currently include pulling weeds, becoming mr. fix-it, teaching, and me, of course!

so all this begs the question, what is my passion? like most of you i would answer God and family....the ones i love and love to serve the most.

but what about other, not so obvious passions?

i am passionate about that honors and praises the Lord mostly....but some other stuff as well. before marriage and kids, i was a c.d.-aholic. i can make that a word, right? i spent all my money on c.d's. love, love, love music. and still do.

i am passionate about my third child, ahem, my Taylor 814ce guitar. though i don't have much time to baby it anymore, it still holds a dear place in my heart. i was really convinced that i was going to be a rock star.

most recently i've become quite infatuated with all things mid century modern. our next house will be a 50's ranch. i plan on filling it with mid century modern furniture. i plan to don an apron, paint everything turqouise and pale yellow and wear high heels while i vacuum. okay, okay, i'm getting a little carried away but this is seriously, my current passion.

and i am passionate about God and his holy word. this is how john and i fell in love....duking it out over theology. basically it went like this:

jenn: " that is what i think about that."
john: "you're totally wrong. i can't believe you think that! this is what you should think....."

and i still married him!

and look what our love for theology has produced! i love these pictures, taken years apart in 2 different houses, but doing the same thing!

so my other interests would include coffee, avocados, reading, interior decorating, and blogging, of course!


Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

My smallest kids pretend to be dogs and they even want to play fetch in the living room. So I totally understand!

I would love to have bookshelves like those...

I've never played an instrument, but have a great love of music. Which makes me crazy that my husband doesn't as much. I'll ask him what he thought of a choir song on a Sunday and he'll admit he didn't really remember it. So sad...

Watching my children learn something new is a passion I guess. I get a lot of joy out of that!

I've been so absorbed in raising kids that I've lost touch with my ME interests. Someday maybe :)

Jennifer Rutherford said...

Thanks for sharing Jennifer!

I am glad to hear other kids like to play "dog" too!

Oh, and that bookcase is Ikea and we love it! We really need another!