Sunday, July 19, 2009

a little weird

i was talking with my mom on the phone a few days ago. she currently lives in the town where john and i built our first house. so we were talking about something really important, like what to fix for dinner, when she interrupted with a gasp. she had driven past the back of our former house (it backed up to a residential street) and the fence was down and something was going on in the backyard. because we had been deep in our conversation about our culinary choices, she could not tell if a car had driven through the fence or perhaps the current owner was putting in a pool. jealous for a pool and discounting the crazy notion that someone had perhaps driven their car through the fence, i sweetly instructed my mom to be sure and drive by on her way back to work so that she could get a better look.

about 10 minutes later, my cell phone rings and i see that it is my mom. she indeed had driven back by and yes, a car did drive through the fence. not only that but it also, crashed into the house! i just couldn't believe what she described. apparently, a car traveling at a high rate of speed, lost control, crashed into the back patio first, taking out two brick pillars, scratching up the back door, knocking down about 3/4 of the brick fireplace, taking out two windows and almost all of the brick covering the entire length of the back of the house.

two days later we would drive down to this said little town to see it for ourselves. it was quite a shocking shocking that i forgot to take a few pictures for posterity sake. i'm still kicking myself for that one. we drove by again the next day so that i could redeem my forgetfulness but the fence had already been replaced and you really couldn't see much. most of the back of the house had been boarded up with plywood.

it's a little weird to wonder what that would have been like. assuming it happened at night, this crash would have given me a heart attack. our living room and master bedroom were the rooms affected, but it was only a few inches from noodle's bedroom. then the what if's begin....what if the car drove through noodle's bedroom, what if john or i had been sitting in our recliner right next to the window that is no longer there, what if we were completely asleep and awakened to a car sitting in our bedroom?

craziness. total craziness. all i know is i will reconsider ever living in a house next to or near a street again!