Tuesday, September 22, 2009


so i feel like the past few days have been full of craziness.

with the whole life without the internet thing, i feel so behind in blogging.

so this post is littered with randomness.

first up....remember noodle is taking a sports class at our local rec center. well he is loving it! he's had soccer and football, and this past week was volleyball. really? volleyball for 3-5 year olds? when i saw the regular volleyball net i was curious to see how this teacher was going to teach these kids to play volleyball. then i see her coming down the hall carrying the largest volleyball i've ever seen.

it was a huge volleyball beach ball and the kids loved it! i thought it was so hysterical i had to take a picture of noodle with it. he was not agreeable to my request, thus the sheepish grin you see here.
second up....my mom and dad watched the boys while john and i went out for dinner for his birthday. i sent their pajamas so they could be ready for bed when we picked them up, and they thought it would be funny to dress like a grandpa with their shorts pulled up really high. so goofy!

and third....today i returned to the preschool i once taught at to serve as a sub for a teacher who was out. it was crazy busy but fun, and noodle absolutely loved it! it was so sweet to see him so happy and jump right into the class. he was so excited to be able to go to school like his big brother. we are set to go again this thursday...just praying for protection from germs and the evil flu that is going around!
whew! lots of craziness. but lots of fun!

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