Friday, September 11, 2009

quack quack.

we have this great park between our home and school. noodle and i discovered it one morning after dropping burrito off at school. i love it there in the morning when it is still cool outside, dew is still on the grass, and the early morning sun filters in through the trees.

" i feed this to the ducks or do i eat this myself???"

noodle and i went there yesterday morning to feed the ducks. and it was so nice, we met some friends after school too!

noodle really enjoyed launching the bread into the water.

burrito had to get in on the bread launching action.

isn't that fountain just beautiful?
and the park wouldn't be complete without a fun playground too!

if it weren't for the 2000% humidity and 95 degree heat, it would have been a perfect afternoon! ha! thanks friends for meeting us at the park!

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Louanne said...

ohhhhh! where is that? send me a message, but I am sure it's not on our side of town. LOL.