Friday, September 18, 2009

an ode to john

today is my husband's birthday.

i love that man.

i posted a similar ode last year on his birthday. that post shares how we came to know each other. i think it's a rather interesting story, but then, i am a little biased i suppose. nonetheless, it's a good read. you should check it out here.

these are just some of the many reasons i am still totally in love with him.

john you are the funniest guy i know. only you can make me laugh until i cry. you are not ashamed to do whatever it takes to get a laugh out of me. i had no idea before we were married that there was this side of you.

john you are scrappy and determined. from the basketball court to the grad school classroom, you never back down from a challenge. i love you for that.

john you are the most sacrificial server i have ever met. you do not hesitate to make me a yummy cup of coffee and a tasty snack and deliver it to my lazy bum on the couch. i rarely ever hear you grumble or complain about anything (well, except for maybe commercials and red lights!).

john you love our boys as much as i do. you are not afraid to parent them. you make a conscious effort to know them and what goes on in their little hearts. you are their best wrestling buddy, and they think you are amazing.

john you are a hard worker. you consider your job a calling and ministry. you love your students and want to see them succeed, not just in grades, but more importantly in life. you put in long hours both day and night. you never hesitate to take on extra jobs. you've done exceptionally well in grad school, while working a full time job and always placing family first.

john you love the Lord. you love His Word. you love to worship. you gently and compassionately lead me. you love me as Christ loved the Church.

i am so thankful to be mrs. john rutherford. it is still incredulous to think that no one snagged you before i did. seriously. the only reason i can fathom is that you were made by God for me.

and for that i am so thankful.

happy birthday love.