Monday, September 21, 2009

life without the internet

we experienced a bit of that the past several days and it was not pretty.
the internet is just so useful.

we had a telephone line go bad in the walls of our house, but with my dad's knowledge and john's brawn, they were able to run new line saturday morning. john looked a little like the abominable snowman after crawling through insulation in the attic.

why didn't i get a picture of that? ha!

it was a good weekend, despite the phone line snafu, because we were able to celebrate john's birthday.

he opened up some presents, with a little (okay, a lot!) help from noodle and burrito.

he ate some caramel brownie cake the boys and i made and decorated. it looks a little sad but it is his favorite!

but the real star of the show was the present that only cost $8.63.

the nerf gun.

after burrito and noodle each received one of these from my mom earlier in the week, multiple darts have whizzed past my ear. there is just something about boys and weapons that i will never understand. and when i noticed john hogging one of the boys' guns a little too often, i knew what my mom should get john for his birthday. and so she did. along with 16 extra whistling darts. oh joy!

so there have been numerous wars, along with building of forts and mass chaos breaking out in our home.
happy birthday john (and thanks mom!)!

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