Friday, September 4, 2009

a week of firsts...

this week has had its fair share of firsts....

first time for burrito to ride in a booster seat. just looking at this picture makes me want to puke. seriously, where has the time gone? we bought the booster for john's car and to use for field trips at school this year. i love my britax marathon carseat but i cannot subject myself to moving that thing anymore. it's beastly!

burrito had donuts with dad at school on tuesday so john took him to school (another first for the year), and i think burrito was more excited about the booster seat than the donuts, and that's saying a lot!
first time to ever paint sun catchers. and the first time to ever make a thanksgiving craft 2 months before thanksgiving!

we actually did these last week when burrito was home from school sick. noodle and i had seen these at hobby lobby, and i knew this would buy me some momentary happiness while we were stuck at home. the boys LOVE doing crafts, and this was no exception. i think they turned out rather cute. don't you?
first time for noodle to go to a sports class. he is registered at our rec center for this and today was his first day. they learned about soccer today, and he came out beaming! i have a feeling he's going to be our little sports guy!
first time to buy a vacuum cleaner since we were married over 6 years ago! and can i say that i am in love??? it arrived in the mail today and i've already vacuumed and dusted the whole house. nothing like a new vacuum for some cleaning motivation. now seeing as how i am the proud owner of this vacuum for only one day, i don't guess it makes me much of an authority on the subject when i say this is the BEST vacuum ever!
seriously, i like to do research before buying anything more than $20 (ha!) and the reviews just couldn't have been any better. now for all you dyson lovers out there, i've never used a dyson (though i've admired them from a distance) so i can't honestly compare them, but for half the price of a dyson, i think this one stacks up to its competition.  and to tell you the best secret of all....i got my brand new hoover off ebay for $222.50 and that is including shipping! this thing retails for $299 plus tax in the stores. i love a good deal!!!

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