Tuesday, September 29, 2009

time for celebration.

i was sitting on pins and needles most of yesterday. how did i cope? i cleaned. my house is maybe the cleanest it has ever been. why was i nervous, you ask?

john was taking his final written examination to complete graduate school yesterday and i was nervous enough for the both of us. he did great (of course!) and now we have to wait for the results.

this road to a master's degree began back in the summer of 2005. burrito was 3 and noodle was not quite 1. we were living far away from the university so john had about an hour drive both ways tacked onto an already long school day. i was a newish mom of two very young boys. it was tough, to say the least.

when we moved to our new home, the commute to the university became just 20 minutes and this is when john began taking 2 classes a semester at night. another adjustment. it was tough (and sometimes a little scary) to be home alone without him at night. in a new house. with two little boys.

but we survived, and when john completed his coursework back in may, we celebrated. and when he finished his test yesterday, we celebrated.

it began with a little golf.

i love how noodle has his tongue hanging out....i do the same thing when concentrating on something!

and then with dinner at one of our favorite mexican restaurants that we don't get to frequent very often. in fact, this was the first time for the boys to eat there. and after eating the ice cream push up pop, burrito asked when we could eat there again!

congratulations john for reaching yet another milestone in your quest for a master's degree. we are so proud to call you our hubby/daddy!

praying for good test results!!!


Emily said...

Congrats to John and to the rest of the fam. I know how awesome it feels to have that behind you! I'm sure he did great on his test.

Jennifer Rutherford said...

Thanks Emily...and you're right, the WHOLE fam is glad for it to be over! ;)