Thursday, September 17, 2009

living vicariously

everyone (i think) does this at one time or another.
what does living vicariously mean?
feeling or enjoying through imagined participation the experience of others
because i would love to have another baby, but my husband does not share this same sentiment, i am living vicariously through my sister.
she is due to have a baby boy on october 23, which just happens to also be noodle's birthday. how fun is that!
i had the joy of hosting a baby shower for her (and baby sutton) in our home this past saturday and it was so fun. i am getting so excited for his impending arrival. it will be fun to have a sweet baby to love on without the late night interruptions in sleep!

the table. my mom is so gifted at this. me, not so much! i was thankful for her help.

i love monogrammed petits fours!

another creation by my mom....a cute little present tree.

this was our gift to sutton. this truck was burrito's and noodle's but we bought new decals and parts, bought stickers to spell out sutton's name on the side, and then filled the truck bed with diapers, wipes, a baby blanket and a toy for sutton. i think it turned out really cute.

now sutton, if you would just hurry up and get here so i can really start living vicariously.

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Ashley said...

Wonderful party! SO GREAT to see you guys! Miss you!