Tuesday, September 1, 2009

time flies when you're having fun.

so in thinking about what i wanted to share/document on my little blog tonight, i was reminded of when i first started blogging. i was thinking that the one year blogiversary, if you will, was coming up.

i was wrong.

it has come and gone.

my first post was august 12, 2008. 156 posts and 2975 hits later, here i am, still faithfully blogging.

i may never have the most interesting or well read blog, but i am sure having fun. so much fun that i missed my own blogiversary.

oh well. i am okay with that because today is september 1 which means my fall wreath is hanging on the front door, the air is cooler outside and my most favorite season is coming!

and here's a sure sign:

high school football! time flies when you're having fun and we are glad the fall season is here!

1 comment:

Colored With Memories said...

amen to fall and cooler weather. not sure if its an amen about football! ;)