Friday, September 25, 2009


my degree is in accounting so i thought i would indulge myself with a few equations to share how i feel today...

two days of teaching 4 year old preschool + one day of teaching 3/4/5 year old bible study + being a mom to two young kids of my own = one tired mama

a day full of errands that were not accomplished earlier in the week + a messy house that is crying out for some attention = leftovers tonight for dinner

two boys who had a busy day without a nap + a mom and dad who have had busy weeks = early to bed for all 4 of us tonight

one tired mama + one tired dad + kids to bed early = couch potato night


1 comment:

Colored With Memories said...

it all adds up perfectly to me! get some rest! i didn't know you were an accountant! reading blogs teaches you so much....;)