Friday, January 15, 2010

funny boys

these two boys just crack me up sometimes! they still love dressing alike, even at ages 5.5 and 4. i just love it and hope it lasts forever, ha!

burrito amazed me today. on the way to school this morning he said, "mom, we are running early today." perplexed i wondered to myself what made him notice this but before i had an answer, he clued me in. we listen to the same radio station every day and they always say, "you have so and so minutes to make it by 8:00." so burrito tells me, "i heard them say you have 20 minutes to make it by 8:00 and usually they say 8 minutes or something so we must be running early." isn't it amazing that he noticed the difference. i was so impressed with his observation!

noodle had sports class today at our local rec center. we've done this before and loved it so much that we signed up for 2 more sessions this year. when i went to pick him up his teacher told me that they learned about basketball and that noodle told him he had been practicing at home. this was true...noodle could play basketball for hours and both boys had played with john the night before. then his teacher told me that noodle was good, really good. it made me so proud!

and for another funny "noodleism:" let's can i put this politely. noodle was in the bathroom this morning doing the #2 and yelled for me to come in there. when i came he asked me if i would "turn on the air conditioner." puzzled, i asked him what he was talking about. again he said, "turn on the air conditioner. it's stinky in here!" then i realized he was talking about the exhaust fan! it was so cute and so funny that i didn't have the heart to correct him!

loving these boys and loving being a momma!

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