Friday, January 22, 2010

home sweet home

we were home by 6pm tonight, and it feels good to rest in my own bed!

if you've been following me on facebook, you'll know some of this info already. the hospital had free wi-fi so i was able to update as the day progressed. and perhaps the best thing, i was able to stay in the zone by listening to the david crowder band, instead of the noises of a hospital.

surgery started shortly after 11a and lasted about 2 hours. the plan was to try and remove the cyst laparoscopically, but it ended up being too big (it was around 10 cm, roughly the size of a baseball). so the doctor then had to do a 4th incision about 3 inches long and get it out that way. fortunately, everyone knew that i was super motivated to not spend the night at the hospital and allowed me to go home after an extended recovery period.

i've had several people ask about what it means to lose an ovary and i don't mind sharing, but if this weirds you out, feel free to skip this paragraph! girls have 2 ovaries so i still have mine on the right hand side. we can still get pregnant if we were to so choose.  the cyst that i had completely consumed my left ovary, and the sonographer said he saw very little ovarian tissue left. the weight of the cyst is what caused my ovary and fallopian tube to twist, causing the severe pain i had on tuesday. for whatever reason it twisted back, and that's why i have not had pain since then, but it would have eventually twisted again if we would not have removed it. the doctor ended up having to remove my left fallopian tube as well, because it had been damaged when the twisting occured.

so that's the skinny on all the technical stuff. recovery was tough. i was quite nauseated for a time and it took a bit for the pain meds to really kick in and work well. but, i was determined to go home so i was willing to deal with whatever to get there!

it was during this time that john told me that burrito had come home early from school because he was sick. by the time we got home from the hospital, both boys were complaining of sore throats and running a temperature. john left to go fill my prescriptions. my mom got me settled. i made an appointment for the boys. john came back home for 10 minutes then got back in the car and took both boys to an urgent care center. they were quickly diagnosed with strep throat. john brought them home, my mom got them ready for bed, john went back out to fill their prescriptions, came back home, gave them medicine and put them to bed!


isn't this just crazy! but the Lord is so good. john is a SUPER amazing husband. my mom has been SO helpful. and our friends have been AMAZING prayer warriors. thanks so much! we feel really loved and overwhelmed.

but i'll post more about that tomorrow. it's off to bed for me. it's been a rather LONG day!

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