Sunday, January 3, 2010


i am a little tardy on posting my resolutions for this year. i've been thinking a lot about what i think about new year resolutions.

my conclusion is this:

resolutions are useful if they are attainable and measurable. attaining and measuring seems really difficult though if you do so over a year long stretch of time, such as a year.

so i've come up with a solution.

i am advocating new month resolutions. i have several goals to accomplish this year, but i would like to take them month-by-month. this seems so less daunting, and as i accomplish doing these resolutions over a month's time, i think i will be motivated to keep doing them the next 11 months.

so here are my new month resolutions:

1. exercise. now i don't like to mention this too often because everyone gets so irritated when i talk about working out. i am skinny. but my goal in exercising is not to lose weight, but to be more healthy. i am not an exerciser by nature. i don't like to have sore muscles. i don't like to sweat. but i do want to be healthy and live a long time. and while i am generally skinny, there are certain areas of my body that just don't look like they once did!

2. love the Lord more. what does this look like? for me, it is reading and spending time in the Bible. i am shamefully horrible at this.

3. love intentionally. i want to be proactive in loving my husband and children more. for me, this would be spending more time on being with them and less time on doing. no more multi-tasking. it is okay and good to just hang out with the wii, watch a movie, play a game. i do those things now, but i couple them with folding laundry, checking emails, paying bills, etc. no more!

4. explore my future. next year noodle will be in school 3 days a week, and i will find myself at home without any children. i would like to start thinking now about how best to spend that time. volunteering, discovering a home-based business, finding a flexible job.

there are more but these are the top 4 for me. so for january, i plan to work on all 4 but really zero in on exercising. i received the wii fit plus for christmas, and i am loving it so far. it is a good exercise program for me. not too hard, plenty of motivation and a lot of fun. and then in february, i plan to zero in on the next resolution, trying to not neglect the other 3 but focusing my mental energy on spending time with the Lord. and so forth and so on.

so those are my new month resolutions.

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