Thursday, January 14, 2010

my two cents: the nintendo wii

this new year has really thrown me for a loop. i just can't get back on a normal routine. it doesn't help that i've had a sick boy home this week. i've had a zillion blog posts rolling around in my head, but none have made it to the computer!
so i thought i would start this new thing and call it "my two cents." i love reading reviews of what people think about certain products and trying to determine if it would be a good thing for our the vacuum cleaner that i am still in love with!

so after having our nintendo wii for almost a month now, i thought i would do a personal review.

it's been really fun to play as a family. we only have the basic wii sports and wii play, but those have been more than enough to keep us entertained! the boys love boxing, as seen here with noodle in boxing action. surprisingly i have not spent a lot of time telling the boys that they have played too much. maybe it's their short attention spans, maybe it's because they are accustomed to doing things in moderation, thanks to their wonderful parents, ha! either way, we don't play it every day but when we do, we have lots of fun.

i also have the wii fit plus with the balance board. i've enjoyed the workout exercises on there so far but i must admit i am getting a little bored with it. there's just not enough action to really feel like i am exercising. i am considering purchasing something different.

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