Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 7th Anniversary!

happy 7th anniversary to my love, john david! i am so thankful to the Lord for him every day and especially this day.

i posted some pics last year of our wedding here. it was a glorious day. and the past 7 years have been glorious too (well, mostly, ha, ha!).

we celebrated all weekend long. the boys stayed at my parents' house the whole weekend, which they thought was pretty cool too. john and i went out for a dinner and movie on friday, something we have not done since before burrito was born. crazy, i know! we ate dinner at fuzzy's taco shop (so very austin-ish!) and then saw "leap year." a great, funny and clean romantic comedy. we highly recommend it!

then on saturday we had breakfast at ihop, and spent the day in dallas shopping and eating. one of our very first pre-dates was at an ihop because starbucks closed at 10p and we wanted to keep talking!

on sunday we slept in (another first in a long time moments) and had a relaxing morning before we were reunited with our boys. it was great!

so now we look forward to the next 7 years of adventures together!


Colored With Memories said...

just getting caught up on your blog! love all the new pics.

happy anniversary!!!!!!!

Michael Breed said...

Sounds like a fun few days of celebrating. Happy Anniversary!! We hope to see you soon!

Kristi & Michael