Thursday, January 21, 2010

we finally have a surgery time!

we are so excited to say that we finally have a surgery time!

and can i just share with you the amazing work the Lord has done for us today?

we started the morning off with a resolve to set things in motion. john and i hit the streets with a figure out the whole medicaid mess and to try and get surgery scheduled. as i was getting ready for the mission, the Lord gave me the idea to call the business office at the hospital. if anyone would know what to do, surely the people who deal with this daily would know, right?

thank you Jesus, for sending us some sweet people to help today. they helped us to quickly realize that we are not destitute enough for medicaid. i am not sure if i should be sad or happy about this. ha! so the financial counselor there went to work on coming up with a discount that would help us. and she did. and we are SO grateful.

honestly we feel like these ladies went above and beyond their jobs to help us and we're not sure why. it could be because of all the PRAYERS from you. the hospital, obgyn/surgeon and anesthesiologist have all agreed to discount their fees significantly. my obgyn even called the anesthesiologist herself to work out a deal for us. what doctor does that?!?!?!

soon after all the financial details were worked out, we scheduled surgery for tomorrow morning at 11:00. we love the obgyn and have full confidence in her skills to remove the cyst and ovary. she plans to try to remove it laparoscopically on an outpatient basis. however, because of the size, it may end up being more invasive which may lead to an overnight stay.

it's really been quite crazy. i told john this morning i haven't even had time to process the fact that i am having surgery or that i am losing an ovary because i've either been doped up on pain meds or running around town trying to schedule surgery or making a bazillion phone calls to work details out. i guess maybe that's a blessing.

and another amazing thing....i've not taken any pain meds since lunchtime yesterday. i've not had any pain and i feel so much better off of them. i've been able to eat and drink and function!

i have had time to think about the ways the Lord has grown us in this process. we are generally quite independent people. we are not accustomed to needing help nor asking for it. through this though we've realized just what the scriptures mean about being the hands and feet of Christ and how the body takes care of each other. we are oh so thankful. and just saying those words seems so inadequate.

but thank you!

so we would ask that you continue praying for us in these ways:
1. pray that surgery would go smoothly and it could be done laparoscopically
2. pray that recovery would be quick and uneventful
3. pray that we would trust the Lord with all things, including finances
4. pray for our boys...that life would return to "normal" quickly
5. pray that pathology would show that the growth is indeed benign


nick and traci said...

that's awesome guys, a lot to be grateful for and still more to pray for. Nick and traci

nick and traci said...

that's awesome guys, a lot to be grateful for and still more to pray for. Nick and traci