Sunday, January 24, 2010

i'm okay.

it's sunday morning. i wish we were on our way to church. i am tired of being cooped up in the house. i think we are just going to load up in the car at some point today and just drive around before i go completely crazy!

i feel okay. the incisions are not that sore, and i am just taking the prescription ibuprofin now. i took a shower this morning and that felt glorious. several people have asked about the status of the cyst that was removed. 98% of these types of cysts are benign so we don't have any reason to believe otherwise. i think they still sent some of it off to pathology but i really can't remember what they said in the hospital. i was still a little loopy! i have to schedule a follow up appt tomorrow so i'll inquire more about that then.

i wanted to reiterate our thanks to all of you who have prayed, called, emailed, facebooked, brought over food, and watched the boys. special thanks go to dr. john (a friend and general surgeon from church) for his wisdom and willingness to help us, even to the point of doing the surgery himself! many thanks to wendy from school and brittany from church for organizing meals for us. we have food coming through the end of the week! it was sweet to see people praying for me on facebook as i waited in the pre-op room on friday. all of the nurses and doctors who helped us were super nice. we could just see the Lord carrying us through the craziness of the past week.

the boys are feeling better and the antibiotic seems to be kicking the symptoms of strep throat. my husband is amazing....just taking things in stride, staying so patient with the boys and joyfully serving me and my needs.

i am not sleeping well. i am a side sleeper and that is just not possible right now so it's hard to get comfortable enough to sleep for a good stretch of time. outside of that, i feel like things are going well. i keep teasing john that i want to have a funeral for my dead ovary. he just shakes his head. i think it's hysterical! don't you think that's funny? ha!

so there's the latest update. we'll see what this next week holds. john returns to work tomorrow, burrito will go to school and noodle and i have a movie and jammies day planned.

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