Thursday, December 31, 2009

the year in review

i like days like today. days when i am forced for whatever reason (today the reason being that it is the end of the year of course!) to reflect a bit on the things of the past. it is good to look back and see the faithfulness of the Lord.

we perhaps started a new year's eve tradition this morning by going out for breakfast. we never do that so it was a real treat and so yummy! john received a gift card from one of his fellow teachers that gifted us this rare treat today. the boys even reminded me to take a picture "for the blog."
and they are sporting their new hats compliments of some very generous Christmas money from uncle jimmy. thanks uncle jimmy! burrito has really become interested in watching football games on tv, and it is so funny to hear his running commentary of the game. noodle loves basketball so he's adopted the mavericks as his team.

so back to 2009...i am thankful that the Lord has given us another year to be together as a family, to be healthy, and to be a part of a great church community and a great school/work community. i am thankful for His faithfulness in sustaining john through the completion of his graduate studies.

we are blessed.

praying the Lord's faithfulness and blessings to you in 2010!

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