Friday, December 4, 2009

Advent Reading Day 4

advent reading day 4

scripture reading: a giant staircase to heaven: the tower of babel, from genesis 11*
symbol: a tower
*we are using the jesus storybook bible by sally lloyd jones for our kid-friendly readings.
our tower ornament is pretty sad looking. any suggestions?
burrito went back to school today, just in time for his field trip. too bad it was partially outside in the 30 degree temps. i begged him to wear his jacket. i even used the line, "all the other kids will be doing it." he confessed that he "couldn't remember," as if the freezing wind wasn't hint enough! ugghhhh!
noodle had his dinosaur class at the rec center. he was so proud of his dinosaur magnet he made today. next week is his last class, and they are having a party.
it has been an exceedingly LOOOOOOOOOOONG week around here, but i am excited to watch my nephew tonight while my sister takes out her husband for a birthday dinner. i have major baby fever right now. it comes and goes, but it is definitely a fever right now! my heart is still longing for adoption, and the update from our friends working with gladney in ethiopia only furthered the fever. they adopted a little girl from there last thanksgiving, moved to ethiopia in august to work for gladney, and now are adopting another little girl. if john could see past the $24,000 price tag, i think he would join the adoption train with me.
if you've adopted internationally, i would love to hear how you financially did, grants, winning the lottery, etc! leave me a comment. :)
have a great weekend!

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Jason and Kyla said...

I'm so glad your baby is better, and we think you're tower is lovely. : )