Monday, December 14, 2009

family photos for you!

are you like me and have put off having family pictures made because it can be such a chore?

picking out coordinating outfits.

getting to a studio at a specified appointment time only to have to wait because they are running behind schedule.

a rushed appointment with a photographer who is only concerned about snapping some pictures and moving on to the next person.

your kids won't cooperate.

your hair is messed up.

the pictures are posed and look fake.

you have about 5 minutes to decide which overpriced pictures to order.

you can only choose one pose for the package deal that includes 48 unwanted wallets.

you walk out of the studio with sweaty armpits and a decidedly sour attitude.

and it's no wonder you won't choose to repeat this fiasco for another 5 years!

this was my situation. until i met my friend amy. she is first a wonderful friend, mother, wife, and believer. she is second a fantastic photographer. you can check out her photography site here. there you will learn more about her talent, her love for adoption, and her heart for others.

amy met us at the kimbell art museum in fort worth to take our laid-back, easy-going, outdoor photos. she can meet you too anywhere in the dfw your home, at a park, at a museum or she can even suggest a few popular places.

she took some pictures of us as a family.

she took some of burrito.

she took some of noodle.

and she knows how to capture goofy moments too!

there were so many great pictures that it was seriously hard to decide on which ones to order (not to mention which ones to include here on the blog!).

and the ordering process? just as easy as the pictures. amy does an amazing job editing them and then sends you an email with a link to view the entire gallery. you choose which ones you want to order, what sizes you need, and they are mailed directly to your home. you can share the gallery online with your family and friends, and they can order directly themselves. each size of picture can be a different pose. no more of the one pose for the entire package deal!

so what are you waiting for? what better christmas present to give yourself this year than wonderful family portraits! so go here and set up your appointment!

thanks again amy for capturing some great shots of our family. we love them!!!

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Louanne said...

those are great. since mike took photography in college and so he takes all Nadia's photos. but we don't have any family photos. LOL. thanks for sharing.