Sunday, December 27, 2009

the makings of a gingerbread house

because we've never attempted the assembly of a gingerbread house before, i thought an easy gingerbread house kit would be the way to go. as you will see with our final product, not even an easy kit helped us out!
first, we laid everything out on the counter.

then, we piped icing into the foundation.

burrito piped icing into the spot for our christmas tree.

then noodle squeezed icing onto the side of our house pieces.

once the house pieces were together, we had to ice the tops for the roof.

then came icing for the top of the roof.

i failed to take pictures of the roof pieces sliding off of the house and little gumdrops sliding down to the inside of the house. after about 3 more attempts at getting everything to stick together, this is our final product.

the great thing was that the boys didn't know any better, and all they cared about really was eating as much candy as they could before we used the candy to decorate the house. i am not sure if this one will become a christmas tradition or not!


Louanne said...

It's cute. But here's the deal even with the kits. You have to do the 4 base walls and put cans of soup or whatever around them and let the icing set for like 4 hours. Then put the roof on with something underneath the edges sticking out and let it dry overnight. Then decorate the next day.

I understand changes it from a one night event, but I do the prep work in advance and then Nadia can do the decorating. Then ours is th centerpiece of the dining table through the entire Christmas season and it doesn't collapse.

Jennifer said...


Thanks for the tip! The directions said to let it dry for 15 mintues, clearly NOT long enough!

So maybe with your encouragement, we'll try this again next year! ;)