Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent Reading Day 2

advent reading day 2
scripture reading: the terrible lie, genesis 3*
symbol: a fruit tree, representing adam's and eve's choice not to trust God and to eat from the forbidden tree
*we are using the jesus storybook bible by sally lloyd jones for our kid-friendly readings.
so you might be asking how exactly we do this. well, this is what works best for us. we read and hang the ornament right after dinner. it just feels natural to go from spending time as a family over dinner to sitting on the couch, praying that God would open our hearts and minds as we read, reading the scripture, thanking God for His Word (i have the boys pray this time), and then hanging the ornament on the tree. the boys take turns hanging the ornament each night, and we let burrito go first since he's the firstborn. so that's how we do it, but finding what works best for your family is great!
and in rutherford news:
we welcomed the cold weather with our first fire of the season last night. it was very warm and cozy. especially since this cute burly man made it. and notice our first advent ornament (the dove) hanging on our advent tree.
and can you believe we woke up to this early this morning!?!? that's right, it snowed briefly here in north texas and of course it's gone already, but it was fun to see. i took this picture early, before the boys woke up and it snowed quite a bit more, but i was too busy being nurse to snap another picture. i was a little sad that the boys were not able to go out and enjoy it.

that's right, poor burrito is still sick. call it mother intuition but when he said his throat hurt, i just had a feeling it was strep throat. so i took him to the doctor this morning and my intuition was confirmed. we've already started antibiotic and praying for a speedy recovery.

speedy because all this togetherness is just about to do us in. now don't get me wrong. i love having both of my boys home, but i think they are a little tired of each other. and when they get tired of each other, this mama's nerves get fried. it's all a good exercise to practice the fruits of the Spirit though, and i try to remind myself of that when i want to rip my hair out.

happy december!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome.....I am really cheating....I am copying and pasting your little abbreviated paraphrase to my blog with photos. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE this idea. I will send you my blog address...I have been debating to move it over to blogger.